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Tiny Tim Runs the Marathon
aka Run Like the Dickens

Tiny Tim Runs the Marathon by Jonathan Dorf is a wacky, fast-paced romp that mashes Dickensian and fairy tale characters and sprinkles in a helping of big business as it takes a darkly comic look at celebrity, and "image." It may also be produced under the title Run Like the Dickens.

Practical Details

Running time: 90-100 minutes.

Cast Breakdown:
9-50+ actors. The play has more than 30 speaking roles, and in a professional or small cast production, these are meant to be multiple cast in a very theatrical way. Or in a school production, where it's important to include more performers, actors can play single roles. There are also many opportunities to use ensembles - if you want a larger cast, the only limits are the size of your stage and your patience.

Technical Requirements:
The play makes use of multiple suggested settings, thus making it extremely simple (and inexpensive) to stage. Of course, there are also opportunities for designers to go to town if you so desire.

Best Suited for
high schools and middle schools, colleges, youth, community and professional theatres. It's truly ideal for almost any group, particularly given the extremely flexible cast size.



Media darling Oliver Twist has gone from a lowly orphan to an anxiety-ridden corporate spokesperson, pitching everything from juicers to cereal and tofu by reenacting his days in the workhouse and subsequent adventures. But Oliver's monopoly on the inspirational rags-to-riches story is threatened when Tiny Tim throws aside his crutches and decides to run the marathon. Tiny Tim has the chance to inspire millions, but with a homicidal trio of fairytale princesses, scheming Corporate Mommy and Daddy, and meddling friends and family, Tiny Tim may not make it to the starting line.

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